VT550 / Wind velocity meter

Function and purpose

At installation on Air conditioners, fans, and other places to measure wind (aiflow) velocity. Sensor controls airflow 0 - 3 m/s. Product page can be found here: "VT550 / Wind velocity meter"

Safety Instructions

  • Regularly check that the meter is not covered with dust.

Package contents

Package contents can be found here: VT550 package contents

Connecting optical access sensor

  1. Connect the meter using RJ9 (4p4c) jack to 3 pin JST jack to the sensor.
  2. Connect one end of RJ11 / RJ12 cable to the monitoring unit into any analog ports (A1...A8) and the other end of RJ11/ RJ12 to the meter.
  3. Sensor is a plug-and-play and it will appear automatically in a "System tree" of the web-interface.

Adjusting sensor sensetivity

Sensor is sold precalibrated. But it is possible to calibrate the meter sensetivity manually if needed. Use flat-head screwdriver to adjust the sensor sensetivity. 

Installation inside a rack or cabinet using a bracket

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket is supplied with each "VT550 / Wind velocity meter". Use wire-cutter and the pliers to cut and bend the bracket to Your needs.


Bracket steel thickness is 0.8 mm. Below You can find how user can mount "VT550 /Wind velocity meter" with such a bracket.

Cable pinouts

"RJ11/RJ12" to "RJ11/RJ12" cable pinouts:

RJ9 4p4c to 3 pin JST cable pinouts:

Technical specifications

VT550 / Wind velocity meter
Dimensions600×18x18 mm
Weight106 g

RJ9 (4p4c)

OutputsRJ11 / RJ12 (6p4c)
Operating temperatureMin. -10° C, Max.80° C
Operating humidityMin. 5% - Max. 95% (Non-Condensing)
MountingMounting bracket included for installation inside IT racks and cabinets
Power consumption60mW
Max. distance from the monitoring unit50 m
HS Code9026 80 200
ComponentsManufactured in E.U.
Special featuresResponse time 0.1 sec.
OtherSensor is sold with preconfigured sensitivity.

Developer notes: add RJ9 4p4c to 3 pin JST cable pinouts: