SNMP manual


SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) — is an application layer protocol for managing devices on TCP/IP networks, which commonly runs over UDP on the transport layer.

Vutlan appliances have the ability to be controlled via SNMP. This means that the appliance incorporates an SNMP agent and can be controlled by the network management base station.

SNMP agent in the Vutlan appliances is compatible with the managed object model MIB-II RFC 1213. Management Information Base (MIB) which is used as a model of the object that is controlled in the network management, is determined under ASN.1.

If you have problems with SNMPv2-SMI in the MIB file you can use this: SNMPv2-SMI

Vutlan appliances also support Trap Protocol Data Units (PDU). Trap PDU - is the network management base station notification for changes that occur during appliance operations. After the base receives the Trap, the base sends a query to the appliance to identify the exact reasons that have caused the sending of the Trap.

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