Connecting dry contacts

What is it used for?

Dry contacts are voltage-free contacts also known as Digital or Alarm contacts/inputs/outputs. Vutlan provides dry contact input and output ports. Inputs allow us to receive signals. Outputs allow sending signals. In terms of programming, this is essentially 1 or 0, On or Off, Signal or no signal.

Many 3rd party devices (industrial, commercial, and home) have dry contact inputs and outputs.

HVAC units have dry contact inputs that allow them to control the On/Off state of the HVAC unit.

BMS (battery monitoring systems) have dry contact outputs for signaling an alarm to 3rd party devices.

Alarm systems have both dry contact inputs and outputs for receiving and sending an alarm. This allows one to receive an alarm from external devices. For example, an alarm system does not support temperature sensors. Once the threshold of Vutlan's temperature sensor goes into an alarm state, the Vutlan system can send an alarm signal to a special alarm system to signal the staff or sound an alarm.

Dry contact usage examples:

  1. General Alarm

  2. System Healthy status

  3. System Common Fault Alarm

  4. Door open/closed

  5. A window opened/closed

  6. HVAC on/off state

  7. Power supply control (controls On/Off state of any connected devices)