Adding logic schemes

Logic schemes are used to specify automatic actions to events that occur in the system.

Attention! if you need to set up notifications on changes in more than one element, better use of the group notification

Logic schemes represent a set of conditions "IF" and a set of actions that are executed "THEN".  Conditions can be combined using "AND" and "OR". To carry out the actions it is possible to set the required action repeat timeout. If timeout equals 0 the action will be executed once.

The logic scheme will work only if the combination of conditions is true. Otherwise, the logic scheme will be disabled.

If the logic scheme is disabled the reverse actions of actions in "THEN" will not be executed. To execute reverse actions you have to set up a new logic scheme.


Add a new logic scheme

To add a new logic go to "Main menu" >> "Logic schemes" >> and press add button "  ". A modal window will pop up.

To edit, deactivate or remove a logic scheme, click on any available logic schemes from the list.

When editing or adding a logic scheme, specify the logic scheme name. 

Create a set of conditions "IF". Select the name of the element in "Element" and the state of the element in "State" as a condition for logic. To add a condition use "AND" or "OR" in the field "Operator".

If a sensor with an analog output changes its state very rapidly (e.g. vibration sensor), the state of the element can change from "Low alarm" to "High alarm" and vice versa,  without going through the state of "Warning", and "Normal".

Create a set of execute the “Timeout" field, specify the time in seconds to create a pause before the element switches into the new state after the logic is triggered.

In the "Repeat" field, you can set the repetition period of the action for the entire duration of the activity of the logic scheme (for example, periodic message sending).

Save created logic.

One-time actions

You can create logic schemes for one-time actions when booting the system:

Under given conditions, you can force a reboot of the system by the logic scheme. Use this function more carefully if you save the log files to an e-mail or FTP server. The system will not reboot if less than 15 minutes have elapsed from the system start.

Temporary disable/enable all available logic schemes

At the top of the logic schemes panel, there are buttons for temporarily disabling and enabling all available logic schemes at once.

'Group' settings

Logic notifications can also be created using built-in "Group" settings: Using group notifications

Examples logic schemes