Duplicator program

Duplicator is a program for the management of several devices. The duplicator program allows you to upload the configuration and firmware for many devices at once. To use the program user must have administrator permissions. Look at the main menu.

Supported monitoring systems

The Duplicator program is only supported for VT960i series units in the latest drivers, VT855i series units (VT335i, VT825i, VT855i) in the latest drivers. Download the drivers for VT960i series, for VT855i series.


Payment options

"The Duplicator software" will only be unlocked with a license certificate. The duplicator license is only for a single unit. This unit can upload the configuration and firmware to multiple units.

If you want to install the Duplicator software on another unit, you need to purchase an additional license.

To obtain a certificate, contact Vutlan or our partners.

In your request, please, specify

  1. The name of the company or the owner's full name.

  2. The Email address for the contact.

  3. The MAC address of the device for which the license will act.

Two types of licenses are available for purchase:


For 3 years


Unlimited years

Activating the Duplicator program

You can see the MAC address in the Preferences → Network tab.


Upload the received certificate for the "Duplicator" → "Certificate" tab. If all is well, the certificate information will be displayed. 

After that, the main functionality of the duplicator, the program will be available.

Overview of the interface


Buttons present in the interface:


Allows you to upload a configuration file or firmware file for update


Add a new unit to the duplicator program database


Remove a unit from the program database


Upload file with unit database


Save the file with the unit database to a local drive


Perform an action to update settings or firmware on the selected units. The update task is added to the queue for execution.


Abort the execution of the task queue

Clear status

Clear status data if it is no longer actual

Add units to the duplicator database

Click the Add button and enter the unit parameters.

IP address

The IP address of the unit


Destination port


User login with administrator permissions on the unit, otherwise the settings and firmware update will not be possible.


User Password


Optional description of the unit


After adding a device to the database, a periodic poll will be performed and the received data will be displayed in the interface.

IP address

The IP address of the unit


Destination port


Description of the unit


Unit type

Firmware version

Current firmware version

Uptime (session/total)

Operating time of the device from the moment of loading and full operating time

CPU load

Unit processor load, allows you to see some problems with the device if it hangs

Memory (used/total)

Loading unit memory, allows you to see some problems with the device


Shows the progress of operations


Update unit settings or firmware

Click the “Upload” button and load the settings file (or firmware file on the “Firmware” tab). Select the desired settings for the update. Note that the IP address of the device will not be replaced during the update.

Select the units you want to update, and click the “Update” button. Unit update tasks will be added to the queue. Wait until they are completed and make sure that the changes take effect.

A successful firmware update can be seen from the changed version (Firmware version in units table).
To check the new settings, it is better to log in to the device and make sure that the settings are applied.