Setting up dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS is used to assign a persistent domain name to a device. The device allows updating the Domain Name System to a point to a changing IP Address in an automatic regime. Example of setting up Dynamic DNS service on

  • Register on or log in using an existing account.
  • Create a host on "Add Host". Host parameters: Hostname - the name of the host, type: DNS Host (A), Ip Address: do not change, it will be automatically updated by the device
  • Go to web-interface of monitoring device "Preferences"->"Network".  Select "Enable DynDNS".  Select service: No-IP (, type in Login, Password, and Hostname which you put in  Save settings "Save".
  • The device should update the IP address for the Hostname host after 1 minute.  You can check this in the service. After some time the service will match the IP address and Hostname.
  •  Using the Hostname in the browser open the web interface of the device.  If the host does not work try to use an IP address that will install the device on the service for the Hostname.  If the IP address does not work as well, this can happen if port 80 is closed and does not allow you to host a server in your local network.