Update firmware and restore backup settings

Article contents:

Firmware update files and backup files have the same format as the self-extracting archive, so for their installation, the system uses same procedures.

Installing firmware updates or backup files

In addition to installing the factory firmware with a regular processor loader, the system can install firmware updates or backup files in the following ways:

  1. From USB flash media, when it is connected to the USB port of the device. In this case, the update script runs, and if there is a firmware file with a predefined name (...) in the root directory, this file is installed in the system;
  2. By HTTP, by downloading the firmware file to the device and then automatically updating it by submitting the form using the POST method to the upload-firmware.htm script. The data of the firmware file must be transferred to the field of the Filedata form, the key of the current session is accordingly transmitted to the field k.
  3. By FTP, where FTP server's address is set in the ftp field general settings. And the upgrade call runs the update script on the ftp server from the server in accordance with the general system settings.

Restore factory settings

The factory settings can be restored programmatically by calling:

  • recovery - the start of the restore configuration script; by default resets the sensor settings; parameters transfer is also available:
    • param - parameters, possible values:
      • all - restores the factory settings;