Reservation of current settings

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Saving the current monitoring settings

Monitoring settings are not saved after a reboot. To save after reboot, you need to make a call:

savetoflash - saves current settings to flash memory;

Reservation of settings via HTTP

The current settings are reserved by calling settings.htm ("GET" method)

If you call without parameters (param field is absent), all settings are backed up.

To selectively reserve settings, you must set the appropriate parameters in the param field, using a space as the separator.

Table. Parameters of selective reservation

monitoringMonitoring: modules, sensors, groups, map, USB web-cam etc
canbusCAN bus configuration
dbusersUsers DB
dbkeysAccess keys DB
datetimeDate and time configurations
networkNetwork settings
httpHTTP Server settings
logLogging settings
radiusRadius settings
snmpSNMP settings
updateSettings of update
backupSettings of backup

Reservation of settings for external FPP by schedule

  • getftpbackup - get FTP backup settings;
  • setftpbackup - set the parameters of FTP Backup:
    • noreboot - if the key is equal to "1", then the reboot, after the configuration of the settings, will not be performed;
    • address - the address of the FTP server;
    • port - FTP server port;
    • rdir - remote directory on the FTP server;
    • username - FTP server username;
    • password - FTP server user password;
    • interval - backup interval:
      • 'never' - the function is disabled;
      • 'daily' - daily;
      • weekly - weekly;
      • "monthly" - monthly;
    • day - day (week or month) of reservation (for the day of the week (1..7), 1 means Monday));
    • hour - hour of reservation (00..23);