VT490 / Humidity and temperature sensor

Documentation page: https://vutlan.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DEN/pages/35127341/VT490+Humidity+and+temperature+sensor

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Function and purpose

High-quality humidity and temperature sensor with reliable price.

Technical specifications


Sensor type

CAN digital sensor


x2 RJ11 6P4C ports

Daisy chain

Yes, the daisy chain is possible for all CAN sensors.

Max. distance from the monitoring unit:


LED indicators:

Red / Green (RUN/ERR)



T accuracy:

±0.4 °C (max), –10 to 85 °C

RH accuracy:

± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH


0,1 °C



Working temperature range:

−40 to +100 °С

Humidity operating range:

0 to 95% RH

Power Requirement


Power input:

12V DC, 1A

Current consumption:

1 Watt




68x47x26 mm

Packaging weight:

160 g

Mounting options:

Desktop, Wall mount



Manufactured in:

Slovak Republic, European Union

Manufactured by:

Vutlan s.r.o.

HS code:

9025 11 800


90 days

Physical description


1. LEDs: "RUN" (green) - indicates that the appliance is correctly connected to the main module, "ERR" (red) - indicates an error, the appliance lost connection to the main module.

2. "Humidity & temperature sensor"

3. "TR" - This switch should be turned to the "ON" (down) position if the sensor is the last in the CAN chain.

Example 1: We have 1 CAN sensor connected to the main module VT8101 on the CAN bus. In this case, this sensor is the only one and the last one in the CAN chain, and its 2nd "TR" switch should be in the "ON" (down) position.

Example 2: We have 5 sensors or modules connected to the main module via the CAN bus. The sensor is not the last sensor in a chain, for example, it is located in the middle of the chain. In this case, the "TR" switch must be in the "OFF" (up) position.

Example 2: We have 5 sensors or modules connected to the main module via the CAN bus. The sensor is  the last sensor in a chain. The "TR" switch must be in the "ON(down) position.

4. "CAN" - two equivalent digital connectors RJ11 6P4C for the connection to the master module, CAN sensors, or CAN extensions on a CAN bus, with auto-sensing.



Example connection

Connecting CAN devices

CAN configuration

Packaging includes

API: managing system elements by 3rd party Software

Vutlan has an open API. Read more at:



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