Interface overview

Control of the device is made through the web interface.  The general view of the interface is shown below: 


1. Top toolbar", includes:


    •  - Hide/Show left menu

    • "Pen" - First-time wizard

    • "+" - add a new element to the panel

    • "User name" - displays the current user.

    •  - Save settings to flash (If this button is not pressed, all new settings will be lost if the system is restarted)

    •  - Exit

2. The "Left menu panel" is opened by pressing  a button at the top bar. It includes:


    • Dashboard - configurable dashboard panel for displaying different sensor data.

    • Overall stats - shows general statistics;

    • System tree - shows all sensors and devices in a system tree (the tree is set up automatically by the system according to sensor groups);

    • Dry outputs panel - for controlling dry contact outputs

    • Dry contacts panel - for controlling dry contact inputs

    • Event log - shows system log;

    • Logic schemes - to set automatic actions on events happening in the system;

    • Cameras - shows all cameras connected to the system;

    • Map - designed for visual placement of elements on the plan/map;

    • Users - to manage user accounts and permissions;

    • CAN configuration - to control CAN devices;

    • Graphs - for comparative analysis of the history of sensor readings;

    • Reset smoke detectors - load management panel. Only available for SC8110, SC1108 and SC3208;

    • Access control - to manage access keys; (this menu appears if the RFID reader is connected);

    • Preferences

  • System menu

    • About - Firmware version, Web GUI version, operating system, browser, reboot the system;

    • Firmware - update control panel;

    • Export - export sensor data, export log, and export settings;

    • Support - quick support links;

3. Overall stats - shows general statistics

  • Right now - shows the number of elements in the following states at the moment: very low, low, normal, warning, alarm;

  • State of elements - the number of elements in the following states: very low, low, normal, attention, alarm;

  • Current log - shows 5 last Syslog events;

  • About system - all about the system, the operating time, the browser;

  • Time - device time, local time.

First-time wizard

Wizard is showing on default user name - guest. Change it and the wizard is not showed again.
Using the default user credentials is not safe.

To run the First-time wizard, click a magic pen at the top right corner of the web interface.