VT105 / Strobe light

Documentation page: https://vutlan.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DEN/pages/600145921/VT105+Strobe+light

Product page: https://vutlan.com/12v-dc-devices/40-vt105-strobe.html

Function and purpose

12V LED strobe flashlight for warning and alarms. Can be used with monitoring units by connecting it to 12V relay output.

Technical specifications



⌀73.5mm, Height 45.5mm, cable length 3m




2-wire cable


LED source



Rated current


Flashing frequency


Power consumption

1 Watt

IP rating standard


Operating temperature

Temperature: Min. -50 °C - Max.105 °C

Operating humidity

Humidity : Min. 5% - Max. 95% (Non-Condensing)


Wall or ceiling mounting

HS Code

8531 10 300


Manufactured in E.U.

Special features

LED Security Alarm; Color: red; Material: plastic

Package includes

Connecting a strobe light using only a sticker

A strobe light can be connected to 12V 0.25A outputs of the Vutlan monitoring system. The diagram below explains how to connect "VT105 / Strobe light" to a monitoring system.

Step 1.

Remove the central part of the sticker.

Step 2.

a) Remove the protective paper from one side of the sticker. Apply the sticker to the "VT105 / Stobe light" backside.

b) Remove the protective paper from the second side of the sticker. Stick the Strobe light together with the sticker to the surface. Make sure the cable is laid out neatly using the stickers holes.

Strobe light uses a standard two-wire cable for connecting to the monitoring unit.

Step 3.

Connect the cables to 12V 0.25A outputs of the monitoring unit using a Terminal. The terminal must have a 3.81mm step.

a) Connect the black cable to a "-". Indicated by the "earth" sign.

b) Connect the red cable to a "+". Indicated by the "E1" or "E2" label.

Connecting 12V devices to 12V outputs

Connecting a strobe light using dowels

Step 1.

Remove hole parts of the sticker.

Step 2.

Screw the back panel to the backside of the strobe light using 2 M3 screws.

Step 3.

a) Drill two holes for the dowels.

b) Drill a middle hole in the surface if You plan to wire cables through the surface.

Step 4.

a) Insert the dowels into the wall.

b) Insert the adhesive sticker between the wall and the back panel.

c) Screw two M3 screws through the back panel and sticker into the dowels.

Step 5.

Once one back panel is screwed to the wall and the other is screwed to the strobe light, connect both back panels and rotate the strobe light until it is firmly connected.

Step 6.

Connect the wires to the monitoring unit.

12V relay configuration (alarm beacon or strobe light)

Package includes


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