VT-BAT / Backup battery 6F22 9V

Function and purpose

VT-6F22 / Reservation battery 9V is an extension module that can be purchased separately. It is used for VT604t, VT825t, and VT855t.

You can use 9V battery enclosed in standard PP3 enclosure

  • 6F22 lithium

Recommended battery U9VL-JP

In development. Coming soon.

Physical Description

The PCB has no LEDs.









a) Unscrew x2 countersink screws at the panel named “Battery extension slot” located at the back of the monitoring system case.

b) take the panel out.



Insert the battery inside VT-ACCU PCB unit. 6F22 9V

DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY! Only use Non-rechargeable battery!




Push in the battery case with it’s legs into the PCB gaps.



Slide the battery case so that it locks into the PCB.



Screw the unit to the panel that we have unscrewed in step one using x2 screws M3.



a) Plug the assembly into the monitoring system slot named “Batttery extenion slot”.

b) Screw the panel to the enclosure using x2 countersink screws that we have received in step 1.

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