AV camera

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Units of the 900 series have the ability to connect an analog AV camera starting with firmware version 3.8.3. To be able to record video from an AV camera, you will also need to connect an internal SATA HDD.

The camera is displayed as an element in the system tree and is disabled by default. To start playback of the live image from the camera, connect it to the unit and enable AV cam. The delay in displaying the live video is related to the codec and is 3 seconds.

Now the video from the camera will be displayed on the "Cameras" tab. A separate panel is provided for the AV camera.

To be able to save video, you need to connect a SATA HDD and allow the log and video to be saved on it. This is done in the tab: Preferences → Logging → HDD.

From now, the camera will continuously record on the HDD. To save the video, you need to create a logic scheme and set the desired video duration. The saved video will start in advance until the logical scheme is set to alarm. The moment the sensor is triggered (in this example, the motion sensor) will be in the middle of the video clip. Thus, you can see what happened before the alarm was triggered and what happened after.

The archive of created videos can be viewed on the "Cameras" tab in the AV camera panel. As well as the contents of the HDD: Preferences → Logging → HDD → Contents of the SATA Hard Disk Drive.