Latest Vutlan drivers for VT960i & VT960ii series

Version: 4.2.1-b130

Date of release: 30.05.2024

List of latest drivers for the A40i processor by version for VT960i & VT960ii units.


Bugs fixed:

  • Address is valid for the Routing function;

  • Hysteresis not saved;

  • Rounding for the “Expression” formula for calculating the value for Modbus sensors;

  • LTE connection stuck;

  • CAN humidity sensor limit to 100%;

  • Timer monthly mode;

  • DynDNS “could not send request“ error;

  • The old backup file is not loaded;

  • Extra comma in the email list;

  • The duplicator not working;

  • RADIUS authentication failed after HTTP update;

  • Reset smoke sensors in the web interface;

  • Sensor data updating on the map;

  • SMS Gate user password with symbol $;

  • Web interface dry inputs icons behavior;

  • Some minor bugs in DHCP network mode;

  • Order of Dry contacts inputs for VTX16 extension board;

  • USB camera error "Video streamer restart";

  • Correct display of the username of the RFID card for access control;

  • Loss of dashboard sensors;

  • SD card missing after ejection or formatting;

  • Log archive error;

  • SMS messaging encoding;

  • SNMP v3 settings saving;

  • LTE settings saving;

  • SNMP GET analog threshold values;

  • SNMP GET discrete sensor;

  • IP camera URL;

  • WebUI sound for alerts;

  • CAN configuration stuck;

  • OR logic scheme behavior;

  • Dialing task test;

  • Macro % behavior in messages;

  • Hanging of the Modbus ТСР sensor;

  • USB upgrade and settings restore;

  • Test mail sending;

  • Reset settings to default values;

  • Monthly and weekly timer;

  • The available number of virtual sensors increased;

  • More memory is allocated for sensors.

The firmware is not backward compatible. If you need to flash the old version, use Restore of the appliance.

Use Restore of appliance for this update from older versions 4.0.0-bxxx


File for HTTP upgrade:

File for Restore of appliance:


File for USB upgrade:

Settings recovery tools:

  • settings.vut - network address changes to;

  • resetusers.vut - add default user: Login: guest / Password: guest. It does not affect other user entries.

Read more at: USB upgrade or restore of default settings.