Setting up 1-Wire

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Connecting "VT10 / 1-Wire board"

Read articles: Connecting 1-Wire devices and VT10 / 1-Wire board

Setting up 1-Wire inside the user interface

After the "VT10 / 1-Wire board" has been installed inside the system, a new system group should appear inside the monitoring unit's user interface: System tree >> System group>> "1wire".

The 1-Wire bus should have "Initial state" switched to "On". In such a case all the 1-Wire sensors connected to "VT10" should appear inside the unit's system tree. In the picture above we see that the 1-Wire temperature sensor is connected to the 1-Wire bus.

Configuration of 1-Wire sensors is identical to the configuration of analog sensors. Please, read the article for further info: Sensor configuration

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