Connecting dry contacts inputs

Using dry contacts can connect the door sensor, window sensor, or other contacts to the monitoring units. Dry contacts have two types: Inputs and Outputs.

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Dry Contact Inputs (also known as "Alarm inputs", and "Digital inputs")

The inputs of the dry contact must be connected to the outputs of the relay, Opto-relay, button, or switch. It is not allowed to apply any voltage to the dry contact input.

Only a button/relay/switch is connected to the dry contact inputs.
No signals or input voltage can be applied.

Contacts can be controlled inside the "Dry Contacts / Dry Inputs" panel of the Web Interface of the monitoring unit. The initial state can be configured.



Connect the wires from the contacts to the corresponding terminals of the connector, each two contacts have a common ground. Plug the terminal into the contact socket. After connecting, configure the trigger logic in the system interface.

Vutlan monitoring systems may have different types of dry contact inputs:

a) 1 contact and 1 earth

b) 2 contacts and 1 earth

To avoid damage, do not connect the load when the monitoring unit is ON.

Dry contact settings

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Frequently asked questions





What is the effective “max” distance that could be realistically supported to monitor Dry contacts?

Very long distances. Two kilometers are easily supported.




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