SC81XX Remote monitoring systems (legacy)

1. "LAN" - Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port, provides Ethernet connection.

• LEDs - "yellow" (status) and "green" (traffic) shows the network traffic. The status LED: flashes green when system starts up, shows the connection state (constant green light - the connection is established, blinking green - the connection attempt).

2. "USB" - type A USB-port 2.0, is required for USB flash drive to upgrade an appliance.

3. "HS" - type miniAB USB-port 2.0, required to connect a USB camera or to restore an appliance.

4. "Reset" - resets the appliance.

5. "SD" - SD card connector with ejector, needed to store data.

6. LEDs: "ACT" - indicates appliance status, "CN1" - indicates CAN1 bus traffic, "CN2" - indicates CAN2 bus traffic, "ERR»" - indicates error and traffic.

• Blinking "ACT" ............ • Blinking "CN1" ............ • Blinking "CN2"............ • Blinking "ERR»" ..........

7. "CAN" - two equivalent digital connectors RJ12 for the connection of CAN sensors and CAN extensions on a CAN bus, with auto-sensing.

8. "TR" - "TR" is the the second switch labled as "1". This switch should be turned "ON" on the last sensor in the CAN chain and the master module TR switch should also be turned on.

Example 1: We have 1 CAN sensor connected to the master module SC8100 to bus "CAN 1". In such case The sensor and and the master module should both have TR switch "1" turned on.

Example 2: We have 5 sensors/units connected to the master module on bus "CAN 2" and 3 sensors/units connected to bus "CAN 1". In such a case the master module should have TR "1" switched on and the last sensor on each CAN bus should also have TR "1" switched ON.

Do not use DIP switch labled "2", it should always be OFF. If this switched is turned ON, the module will turn off. This switch is only needed for programming purposes.

9. "A1..A8" - 8 RJ12 analog sensor inputs with auto-sensing.

10. "SIM" - connector with an ejector, used when GSM modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect SIM card.

11. "Outputs 1..4" - 4 relays status indicators.

12. "1-Wire" - RJ9 connector for 1-Wire I-touch I-Button readers with auto-sensing or for Alarm Beakon / Siren connection.

13. "SMA" - connector, used when GSM modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect GSM antenna.