SC408 (legacy)

1. "PWR" - for connection of external power 12V. Internal input "+".

2. 2/ "TR" - "TR" is the nearest switch to CAN inputs. This switch should be turned "ON" on the last sensor in the CAN chain.

Example 1: We have 1 CAN sensor connected to the master module SC8100 to bus "CAN 1". In such case, The sensor should have TR switch "2" turned on.

Example 2: We have 5 sensors/units connected to the master module on bus "CAN 1" and 3 sensors/units connected to bus "CAN 2". In such a case the last sensor on each CAN bus should have TR "2" switched ON.

Do not use DIP switch "FR" labled "1", it should always be OFF. If this switched is turned ON, the module will turn off. This switch is only needed for programming purposes.

3. "CAN" - two equivalent digital connectors RJ12 for the connection to the master module, CAN sensors, or CAN extensions on a CAN bus, with auto-sensing.

4. LEDs: "RUN" - indicates appliance connection status to the main module, "ERR" - indicates appliance lost connection to the main module.

5. "A1..A8" - 8 RJ12 analog sensor inputs with auto-sensing.