SC2100 (legacy)

1. "LAN" - Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port, provides an Ethernet connection.

• LEDs - "yellow" (status) and "green" (traffic) show the network traffic. The status LED: flashes green when the system starts up, and shows the connection state (constant green light - the connection is established, blinking green - the connection attempt).

2. "USB" - type A USB-port 2.0, is required for a USB flash drive to upgrade an appliance.

3. "HS" - type miniAB USB-port 2.0, required to connect a USB camera or to restore an appliance.

4. "SD" - SD card connector with ejector, needed to store data.

5. "Reset" - resets the appliance.

6. LEDs: "ACT" - indicates appliance status, "CN1" - indicates CAN1 bus traffic, "CN2" - indicates CAN2 bus traffic, and "ERR»" - indicates error and traffic.

• Blinking "ACT" ............ • Blinking "CN1" ............ • Blinking "CN2"............ • Blinking "ERR»" ..........

7. "CAN" - two equivalent digital connectors RJ12 for the connection to the master module, CAN sensors or CAN extensions on a CAN bus, with auto-sensing.

8. "TR" - labeled "1" on this picture. Needed for connection of CAN sensors.

9. "PWR" - for connection of external power 12V. Internal input "+". Any switched power supply 12V with a minimum power of 20W can be used.

10. "Sensor" - RJ12 analog sensor input with auto-sensing.

11. "SMA" - connector, used when the GSM modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect the GSM antenna.

12. "SIM" - connector with an ejector, used when a GSM modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect a SIM card.

13. "DC 12V" - backup power socket, to connect a battery or a battery backup.

14. "Dry contacts" - empty slot for dry contacts module SC16, used to connect dry contacts on doors, windows, etc.