GPS location

An LTE modem, such as a VT710 or VT760, supports GPS location information when an appropriate GPS antenna is connected. The SIM card must be installed in the modem, the modem should connect normally to the GSM network.

GPS settings and information are available in the "Preferences" menu, in the "GPS" tab.

Here are the following items available for viewing and configuration:

  • Enable GPS - allows you to enable or disable the GPS function if installed modem support it;
  • Status - status string for connection state;
  • Coordinates - GPS positioning for latitude and longitude, in degrees;
  • Time synchronization by GPS enable system time synchronization by GPS signal.

To correctly determine the time, the Device timezone must be set under the Setting up the time.

GPS data is updated every 15 seconds, the time is synchronized every hour (if the option is enabled).