VT790 / LTE slot modem

Product page: https://vutlan.com/modems/155-vt790-lte-slot-modem.html

Datasheet page: https://vutlan.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DEN/pages/2309947438/VT790+LTE+modem


Can be installed in VT855i v1.2, VT855ii v1.2, VT825i v1.2, VT825ii v1.2, VT960i v2, VT960ii v2 monitoring systems. (These new systems are coming soon).

VT825i v2.6, VT825ii v2.6, VT855i v2.6, VT855ii v2.6, VT960 v3 use VT740 LTE slot modem.


4G LTE slot modem for Vutlan monitoring units. Allows to receive and send SMS messages. Provides Ethernet over 4G LTE. Power-cycling is an embedded function.


  1. "Auxiliary" - Connector, used when the modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect LTE auxiliary antenna. The additional antenna helps to strengthen the signal level. (Auxiliary LTE antenna and antenna output are ordered separately from the modem).

  2. "Status" - displays modems status. Blinking = working.

  3. "SIM card" - SIM card slot with an injector.

  4. "antenna" - Connector, used when the modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect GNSS antenna

  5. "Main antenna" - Connector, used when the modem is installed inside of the appliance to connect GSM or LTE main antenna. (The main antenna is supplied together with the modem).


You can install the modem while the system is turned On. You may wait up to 3 minutes until the Telecom operator information is renewed.

Step 1


1.1 Unscrew the two screws holding the front panel called “Modem slot”. Keep the screws, you will need them in Step 3.

1.2 Take the panel out and put it away.

Step 2

Plug the modem as shown on the picture into the opening. The board should slide into the guide rails (marked as “1”) and plug into the jack (marked as “2”).

Step 3

3.1 Use the screws we unscrewed earlier and screw them in clockwise, securing the new modem in place.

3.2 Plug in the SIM card. The SIM card slot has an injector.

Step 4

4.1 Screw the main LTE antenna into “Main” antenna” jack.

4.2 If you want to strengthen the signal, you can plug the second auxiliary antenna into “Auxiliary” jack.

Step 5


You are ready to go! Turn on the system.

If you want to unmount the modem, you can unscrew the screws and just pull it out using x2 gold-plated antenna jacks.

Configuring the modem

Please read the following section for the configuration instructions:

Online documentation page link: https://vutlan.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DEN/pages/1016347

The direct page link for users with paper documentation: