Relays (Outlets) (SNMP)

The discrete output elements parameters of the VUTLAN devices can be located depending on their physical location in the sub-branches:

  • ctlInternalSensors - main system sensors;

    • ctlInternalSensorsOutletsTable;

  • ctlCANSensors - CAN bus sensors;

    • ctlCANSensorsOutletsTable;

  • ctlRsSensors - serial port sensors;

    • ctlRsSensorsOutletsTable;

Example. View outlets available in the system:

$ snmptable -Ci -Cb -v2c -cread VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlInternalSensorsOutletsTable


SNMP table: VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlInternalSensorsOutletsTable Id Module Num Type Name State Value Initial Pulse 301001 2002 -1 "relay" "Analog Power" "on" "on" "on" 15 102001 2003 1 "outlet" "Relay-1" "off" "off" "off" 1 102002 2003 2 "outlet" "Relay-2" "off" "off" "off" 1 102003 2003 3 "outlet" "Relay-3" "off" "off" "off" 1 102004 2003 4 "outlet" "Relay-4" "off" "off" "off" 1

The location of such elements in the system is determined by the module identifier in which this element is physically located and with the port number in the module - Num.

Relays (Outlets) may be in the following possible states:

  • 'on' - switched on;

  • 'off' - switched off;

  • 'pulse' - pulse.

The initial state is given by the field Initial. Management of the state is recorded in the field Value. The pulse length in seconds is given by the field Pulse.


Example. Sending 5 seconds pulse on the relay with ID=102003:

$ snmpset -v2c -cwrite VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletPulse.102003 i 5 \ VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletValue.102003 s "pulse" VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletPulse.102003 = INTEGER: 5 VUTLAN-SYSTEM-MIB::ctlOutletValue.102003 = STRING: "pulse"