Setting up CAN (v2.0.1 - v2.2.5)

CAN bus is used for connection of CAN sensors and CAN modules.  The device has two independent CAN nodes: CAN1 and  СAN2.

Before using CAN sensor module, CAN bus must be configured in order to operate with this CAN sensor module. Configuration of the CAN bus is made through tab "Preferences" >> "CAN config", which in turn has two identical tabs - one for each node.

 Each station tab contains current information on the status of the node and a list of  CAN sensor modules connected to this node. 

The following operations can be carried out on CAN bus node:

  • Refresh - updates the current information on the status of the node;
  • Config -  launches configuration process of the nodes for CAN sensor modules connected to it, the old configuration is lost;
  • Delete - removes selected CAN sensor module from the configuration (list) of CAN sensor modules;
  • Apply - saves the list of CAN sensor modules in flash memory;
  • Restart - restarts the CAN bus node.

To set up a CAN bus node for operation  with the CAN sensor module, connect CAN module to CAN network and run corresponding configuration procedure in the web-interface using command Config. The configuration process is displayed at the bottom of the tab and lasts aprox. 2 minutes.   Detected modules will be added to the list of modules during the configuration process. After completing configuration the node returns to its normal operation.  Sensors of detected CAN modules are added to the tree of elements. 

The names of the sensors are automatically set in the form {module name}{serial number}-{type of sensor} and can be edited.

If you need to remove CAN sensor module from  the configuration list use command Delete, then use command Apply to apply the changes you made and restart the node using command Restart.