Mounting (legacy)

The units can be installed in the front or rear of the rack. It takes up to 1U of 19" rack! Units VT325, VT335, and VT805 can be installed on the wall or the desktop. All units can be put on the shelf using self-adhesive rubber feet. 

When installing, consider the following conditions:

Connect the unit only after checking the grounding of the circuit.

Do not connect homemade sensors and devices with unknown functions to the unit!

You must install the unit in a place, where the ambient temperature corresponds to the values listed under "Specifications". Keep in mind that the temperature of the unit increases in cramped conditions, please keep track of the temperature on the internal temperature sensor. Try to install the unit in such a way as to allow for normal air circulation required for the normal functionality of the unit.


Select a place of unit installed inside the rack. The system takes up 1U of the rack. Set to the desired location and tighten the bolts on the spacer nuts.

Wall mount

Use the following diagrams for dimension references for a wall mount. 

VT325 unit

VT335 unit

Power cable and Network cable connection

1. For VT825, VT604 units connect the appropriate power cord to the unit AC line input. For VT325 and VT335 plug in the power adapter that was in the package content.

2. Connect the unit's Ethernet port using a network cable to the switch.

3. Plug the power cable into the power source.