Latest Vutlan drivers

Version: 2.8.3-b419

Date of release: 17.11.2021

List of latest drivers for NUC976DK61Y processor by version for VT3xx, VT6xx, VT805, VT825 units.


Bugs fixed:

  • SNMP GET analog thresholds values;
  • SNMP GET discrete sensor;
  • IP camera URL;
  • WebUI sound for alerts;
  • OR logic scheme behavior;
  • Dialing task test;
  • Macro % behavior in messages;
  • IMEI on VT700 modem;
  • Hanging of the Modbus ТСР sensor;
  • Dry contact option "User-defined type" return to "no";
  • Download settings;
  • Adding elements to the dashboard;
  • Device timezone for times with minutes;
  • Save settings CAN bus;
  • User graphs permissions;
  • HTTP/HTTPS mode and port change;
  • Monthly and weekly timer;
  • Sending notifications to the user without contact (empty phone or e-mail);
  • Erasing message text fields;
  • Mail sending error;
  • Bugs in groups with VT18 dry contact;
  • Some minor fixes;
  • Cut off the downloaded log file (syslog.txt);
  • Unstable work of CAN configuration;
  • Unstable work of GSM modem with a large number of SMS;
  • Logic schemes modification;
  • "Download current settings" system crashed;
  • Unstable work of USB cameras;
  • Unstable work of GSM modem;
  • The floor map is too small.

Because tThe program has been significantly redesigned:

For the correct operation of new features, update the system kernel first using the file "firmware-kernel.vut".

Check the system kernel version on the 'Overall stats' page in the 'About system' table:     Firmware version    2.8.3 b419  (kernel 17.08.2020)

Where :

2.8.3 b419 - firmware version;

kernel 17.08.2020 - kernel version (date of kernel release).

The update order does not matter, but you can start by updating the kernel first. Do not update the kernel unless necessary.

Kernel update (kernel 17.08.2020) for HTTP upgrade and for USB upgrade :

File for HTTP upgrade :

File for Restore of appliance :

File for USB upgrade :

Settings recovery tools :

  • settings.vut - network address changes to;
  • resetusers.vut -  reset to one user: Login: guest / Password: guest

Read more at: USB upgrade or restore of default settings