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To determine the installed  "Firmware version" of the driver look the "Overall stats" tabon the bottom in the "About system" field or in "System menu" tab.

Update please the driver consequently, in accordance with the diagram below, without skipping versions. Otherwise, it s possible unstable work.
Read the description of the drivers before installation, because may be some loss of data (description of users, logic circuits, and so forth.) when upgrading from very old versions.

Downgrade to the older version, with downgrates via HTTP, FTP, or USB, is strongly not recommended as It can lead to non-functional configuration. If this happened, use the restore factory settings via USB, if this does not work, use the recovery procedures for the device.

To install any version of the driver (as a new as an old), without coordinating with the bottom scheme, you can use recovery procedures on the device, the instructions are here:: English, Russian.

Do not use the settings files version 2.4.2 and earlier, to restore the configuration to the newer versions.

You can update software via HTTP, FTP or using USB flash drive. Installation instructions can be found here: EnglishRussian.

Driver updating sequence:

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