Factory settings recovery 2.3.0 -2.4.4 (deprecated)

Applicable for driver version: 2.3.0 - 2.4.4 and higher

Date of release: 18.04.2013


Please, use  tools-<your version>.zip in Settings Recovery  Tools section for your firmware version

Firmware for factory settings recovery

This firmwares designed to reset settings the monitoring systems SC81xx/SC21xx/SC11xx Sky Control

Recovery the access password:

  • sky25resetusers.sky - Login and password recovery by default: guest;

For recovery-tools.zip recovery pack:

  • Service firmware recovery in the monitoring system.

    factory-recovery-sky25firmware.sky - restore factory settings of the system:
    * Network settings: ip:, gw:
    * Login: guest; Password: guest;
    * Sensor settings are reset to default;
    network-recovery-sky25firmware.sky - restore default network settings: ip:, gw:
    password-recovery-sky25firmware.sky - restore the default Name: guest; Password: guest;

    Installing firmware:
    * Via usb-flash: you must rename the firmware in 'sky25firmware.sky', 'sky25settings.sky' or 'sky25resetusers.sky', put this firmware on usb-flash drive, connect the usb-flash drive to plug on the front panel, after rebooting the system (all the lights go out) remove usb-flash drive;
    * Via the web interface: System menu -> Upload new firmware

    WARNING! Attention after the update, you must clear your browser cache.

Installation instructions can be found here: EnglishRussian. 


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