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Connecting dry contacts


“VT440 / Dry contact unit” can install the “VT32 / Dry Contacts board”. It can be used together with any contacts, for example with door or window contacts, circuit breakers, etc.

Allows controlling an additional 32 dry contacts.


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VT32 package content
VT32 package content



Disconnect device CAN cable.


Carefully unscrew three screws holding the cover and open it.


Break 6 steel bridges in the dry contacts hole of the appliance case. Using forceps (cutter) with thin nozzles cut the thin bridges in the hole. Make sure that no burrs are left. 


Set up dry contacts board on 3 steel spacing sleeves inside the appliance case, attach the board with three M3 screws from supply to the sleeves.


Connect "10 wire BH10 flat cable" supplied with "dry contacts" board to the connector on the board card and on the appliance motherboard. Close and fasten the cover.


Check if all the cables are connected.  Carefully place the top cover back so that all cover wings fit in and all cutoff points match the panel holes. Then use 3 screws to close the enclosure. Check whether the burrs prevent dry contact board from being inserted into the hole, remove them if needed.


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Connect dry contacts to the unit using terminals.