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All Vutlan monitoring systems and switched PDUs have the ability to can connect up to two alarm beacons, for example, a siren and/or strobe, and other low-current devices, for example, a dry contact output module VT11, to E1, E2 - two outputs of electronic relays.


To connect the alarm beacon to the 12V output, you need to connect the device with a cable to the terminal according to the polarity. By appropriate logic or manually in the device interface, you can turn on or off and/or give a pulse to the siren, strobe, or a signal on a dry contact output. The maximum current consumption is limited by 250 mA.

Check the voltage supply in the test mode. Go to the Main Menu -> System Structure -> Alarm in the system interface. In the window that appears, click "Pulse". The stroboscope lights up, and the siren wails. To configure alarms, you need to configure the logic.Image Removed



Do not connect the loads to the outputs while the monitoring system is on.


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