Restore of appliance (for VT900 series)

Sometimes you may need a full software recovery of the appliance.

Remember: if unit is working, but CAN bus is broken for example, first of all, please save settings → System menu → Export→ Download current settings file <Settings.vut>. Use this file for automatic upgrade after recovery! Also check if CAN is anabled >> CAN settings in Networks Settings!


Attention! All user information and preferences will be destroyed forever if a full software recovery is used! Please Backup settings!

Restoring the factory firmware is done by downloading the program from the SD Card. To record the image on the card, you must use a special program. Download and install the program Etcher. The program is easy to manage. Install a suitable micro SD Card through the reader or an adapter into the computer. Download and specify the file to write to the card (the file of the factory firmware has the word "factory" in the name). Select a card and click "Flash!". Wait until the end of the recording process.

You can use SD \HC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards up to and inclusive 32Gb. All cards which are more than 32Gb will not work. Cards that are not HC will not work. We strongly recommend using SD cards above or equal to "Speed class 10".

Insert the card into the SD card slot of the VT900 or VT960 unit and press the Restart button. The successful end of the recording is signaled by the simultaneous blinking of the STATUS and CAN LEDs. After that, remove the card and reboot the device.