Connecting VT700 / GSM modem

Installation of GSM modem


Carefully unscrew three screws holding the cover and open it.


1) Connect antenna cable to the modem board. Carefully connect the U-Fl antenna cable to the input U-FL connector and gently press it. If possible install the connector on the seat with a magnifying glass!

2) Unscrew the nut and washer from antenna cable


1) Main board should already have two metal spacers mounted on it. If it does not, please request them from the manufacturer.

2) Place GSM modem above the metal spacers and male pin strips located on the main board. Gently push the GSM board downwards so that:

   a) Male pin strip on main board(3pins) inserts into Female pin socket on GSM board (3pincs)

   b) Male pin strip on main board(7pins) inserts into Female pin socket on GSM board (7pincs)

   c) Two holes on GSM board are located directly above metal spacers and the GSM board touches metal spacers.

3) Screw two M3 screws supplied with the modem through the holes into metal spacers as shown on the picture.

4) Insert antenna wire into hexagon mounting hole located at the front or at the back of the unit (e.g. VT335 has a front hole SMA only)


The antenna wire should now stick out to the front or to the rear of the unit (e.g. VT335 has a front hole) just like shown on the picture.

1. Put a washer on the end of the antenna wire thread.

2. Screw the nut on to the antenna wire thread to the maximum with your hands.

3. Now use a wrench to tighten the nut

4. Screw the antenna to the end of antenna wire thread.


Carefully place top cover back so that all cover wings fit in and all cutoffpoints match the panel holes.