VT430 / Rack control unit

Physical description


1. "TR" - is the nearest switch to CAN inputs. This switch should be turned "ON" on the last sensor in the CAN chain. The last sensor in the long chain with the length of more than 10 meters, terminator should be in "OFF" position.

    "FR" - the memory switch, is necessary for reprogramming the module (the switch remote from the CAN connectors).

Do not use DIP switch "FR", it should always be OFF. If this switched is turned ON, the module will turn off. This switch is only needed for programming purposes!

2. "CAN" - two equivalent digital connectors RJ12 for the connection of CAN sensors and CAN extensions on a CAN bus, with auto-sensing.

3. "1, 2" - Dry contacts terminals, can be used for access control.

4. "LEDs" - LEDs: "RUN" - indicates appliance connection status to the main module, "ERR" - indicates appliance lost connection to the main module.

5. "PIR" - Door IR access sensor. Use white sticker supplied to control the door open/closed.


There is a mounting bracket on the unit. Fix unit by M5 or M6 bolts on the cabinet or the rack profile in front of the door. Glue the white sticker on the door in front of the unit IR sensor. Connect CAN input of the unit by RJ11/RJ12 cable supplied to the CAN input of previous CAN unit or monitoring system. The red LED lights up. Match the TR bus terminators on the attached CAN units. CAN bus terminators TR (position 2 in VT450) should be in the ON state only at the end CAN units port and in Off states (1,2) for all intermediate units. One CAN bus can have not more than 8 CAN units, sensors, and/or another CAN device. 

If necessary, connect dry contacts, door sensors, or triggers to the unit.


To connect CAN unit to the system, open interface and go  CAN Configuration  Select tab CAN.

Click "Configure" and wait. The system starts the CAN bus line survey, displays the list of connected CAN units and sensors. On the CAN devices, the green LEDs light up.

If you will go now to the "System tree", there you will see new CAN devices and/or new CAN sensors. Wait for a little or renew the tree.

If the survey is reset after click "Configure", it means that the line is not connected (bad cable and/or bad connectors) or not matched terminators on the bus. It is necessary to check and change the status of the line or the TR terminations.

pic.1.1: FR is OFF, TR is ON.                    pic.1.2: FR is OFF, TR is OFF.

(Developer notes: physical description picture: case v.2)