USB 4G/3G modems setting

Check  your 3G / 4G modem. If it is in stick mode then use the Huawei terminal to transfer modem into modem mode by a AT ^ SETPORT = "FF; 1" or the command AT ^ U2DIAG = 0. Modem in HiLink mode does not respond to AT commands, no modem can be found , no SMS can be sent.

Disabling HiLink mode and transfer of 3/4G-modem to mode "modem only".

The very first thing to do -  to disable  a request / check the pin code in the modem software. After that you need to get a SIM card from the modem and all subsequent actions be made without a SIM card.

  • To disable Hilink mode in old Huawei modems, for example in E3232, connect the modem into USB-port and go to the browser at
    The modem restarts and in a Device Manager, You can see two serial interfaces  
  • May be will need Huawei Modem Driver
  • Switch to "modem only" - run the program Huawei Modem TerminalLater in the program, select your device from the top «HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface» and push Connect. Then need to check whether modem is responsible . In the bottom string write command AT and push Enter. You should see something like:

Send: AT

Receive: AT
Receive: OK

  If so , the modem is responsible, and we can give him commands. Switch it to the "modem only" state by command:


If it is successful, modem will answer OK.

For modern modems command is:


If it is successful, modem will answer OK.

To change HILink mode into modem mode, it is necessary to change the driver, sometimes You can use Huawei modem driver, or maybe E3372s modem drivers.

The way for a more modern Huawei E3372h is here:

  • Visit either one of these sites to calculate device-specific "Flash code" based on your IMEI and write it down.
  • Download and extract this ZIP that contains required tools, drivers, and firmware images
  • Install "[1] Mobile Broadband HL Service" by running mbbServiceSetup.exe
    • Installs RNDIS driver
    • Installs service to switch from CD emulation to RNDIS (like usb-modeswitch on Linux)
  • Install "[2] Datacard Driver" by running DriverSetup.exe
    • Installs serial port drivers (v5.05.01.00)
  • Insert E3372h-153 with HiLink firmware to the USB port
    • Preferably directly to PC, avoid cheap low-quality USB extension cables.
    • Open Device Manager and verify that the RNDIS interface is present under Network adapters
    • Open command prompt and "PING" to make sure HiLink firmware is running
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
    • This will enable the "PC UI" serial port required for firmware upgrade
    • Wait until you can see it under Ports in Device Manager
  • Run "Update_WEBUI__Hilink_V7R2_9x25_CPIO.exe" from "[4] Huawei E3372h WebUI"
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
  • Run "E3372h-153_Update_.exe" from "[5] Huawei E3372h-153 HiLink FW" folder.
    • This upgrades (or downgrades) your HiLink firmware version. You will need Flash code from one of those calculators to do this.
    • Wait until HiLink update is complete and you can ping again.
  • Run "sw_project_mode.cmd" from "[3] Switchmode E3372h" folder
  • Run "E3372h-153_Update_.exe" from "[6] Huawei_E3372h-153 Stick FW" folder.
    • This finally changes firmware from the HiLink to Stick. You will need Flash code again.
    • Wait until the Stick update is complete. You can no longer ping and the RNDIS adapter has changed to "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - Network Card".
  • Run "putty.exe" from "[7] Putty" folder
    • Find serial port name from Device Manager, for example in the case of "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - PC UI Interface (COM15)" port name is COM15
    • Click Serial on the right-hand side of the Putty screen and type COM15 or whatever your port is.
    • Click Open on bottom of Putty
    • Type ' ATE1 ' without quotes, you won't see what you type, and DO NOT try to use backspace. If you did it right you got ' OK ' as a reply. Ignore ^RSSI etc. lines you might also see.
    • Type following commands one per line to see info about your device and verify connection works. 
      • ' ATI '
      • ' AT^FHVER '
      • ' AT^VERSION? '
    • Get the current SETPORT value by typing ' AT^SETPORT? '. You might want to write these down if you ever want to revert back to defaults. Mine was ' ^SETPORT:A1,A2;12,1,16,A1,A2 '.
    • Set new SETPORT value by typing ' AT^SETPORT="FF;12,16" ', this disables CD emulation, disables modem emulation (PPP) and enables NCM mode.
    • If you want to keep PPP support for example for the older router with a USB port using' AT^SETPORT="FF;12,10,16" ' instead. Remember that you won't get full speed with PPP.
    • Reset the modem by typing ' AT^RESET '.
    • Close Putty now.
  • Done.