Controll of power distribution unit (PDU)

Article contents:

Naming in the Vutlan product range and the functional features of the power distribution units (PDUs):

НаименованиеФункциональные особенности
VT11xxPDU with switching capability on each outlet
VT18xxPDU with measurement capability on each outlet
VT19xxPDU with the ability to measure and switch on each outlet

, where xx are possible executions:

Кол-во модулей PDUИсполнение, xxОписание
1088 channels (outlets)
21616 channels (outlets)
32424 channels (outlets)

Among the parameters, the general parameters of the modules and the parameters of the channels are distinguished.

/wiki/spaces/DZ/pages/5963858 are described in detail in the corresponding section.

The status of the PDU is characterized by the following table:

General parameters of the module:

Voltage, V

Frequency, Hz

Total active power, W

Channel parameters:
Port numberSocket statusCurrent consumption, AActive power, WReactive power, VAR Total power,VACosine phi,%Current overloadTotal energy consumption, Wh




PDU module status request:

  • querytype - request type: ctlmodule - module control;
  • k - session identifier;
  • id - unique identifier of the module;
  • func - control function: eparams - request for energy parameters;

An example of the structure of the xml response to a query:

Состояние PDU
<!-- атрибуты модуля -->
<module id="2013" clas="internal" type="outlet" sn="24663586" rev="00.09" num="1" name="Outlets bank A" state="normal" interval="0" relval="131" real_relval="0">
	<!-- общие параметры -->
	<common col1="Voltage, W" col2="Frequency, Hz" col3="Total Power, W">
		<eparam num="1" id="203002" name="BankA-General-V" state="low alarm" value="97.5" />
		<eparam num="2" id="210001" name="BankA-General-F" state="normal" value="50.2" />
		<eparam num="3" id="208001" name="BankA-General-Psum" state="normal" value="868.0" />
	<!-- таблица розеток -->
	<outlets col1="Outlet" col2="Current" col3="Owerload" col4="Active Power, W" col5="Reactive power, VAR" col6="Apparent power, VA" col7="Cos Fi, %" col8="Crest factor" col9="Total energy consumption Wh">
		<outlet hwport="1">
			<eparam num="1" id="302001" name="Outlet-1" state="on" />
			<eparam num="2" id="205001" name="Outlet-1-I" state="normal" value="8.925" />
			<eparam num="3" id="109001" name="Outlet-1-OVERLOAD" state="normal" />
			<eparam num="4" id="208002" name="Outlet-1-P" state="normal" value="868.0" />
			<eparam num="5" id="208003" name="Outlet-1-Q1" state="low alarm" value="71.0" />
			<eparam num="6" id="208004" name="Outlet-1-S" state="normal" value="876.0" />
			<eparam num="7" id="209001" name="Outlet-1-Cos" state="high alarm" value="1.0" />
			<eparam num="8" id="209002" name="Outlet-1-CF" state="high alarm" value="2.0" />
			<eparam num="9" id="208005" name="Outlet-1-PC" state="normal" value="553.0" />
		<outlet hwport="2">
			<eparam num="1" id="302002" name="Outlet-2" state="off" />
			<eparam num="2" id="205002" name="Outlet-2-I" state="low alarm" value="0" />
			<eparam num="3" id="109002" name="Outlet-2-OVERLOAD" state="normal" />
			<eparam num="4" id="208006" name="Outlet-2-P" state="low alarm" value="0.0" />
			<eparam num="5" id="208007" name="Outlet-2-Q1" state="low alarm" value="0.0" />
			<eparam num="6" id="208008" name="Outlet-2-S" state="low alarm" value="0.0" />
			<eparam num="7" id="209003" name="Outlet-2-Cos" state="high alarm" value="0.0" />
			<eparam num="8" id="209004" name="Outlet-2-CF" state="high alarm" value="0.0" />
			<eparam num="9" id="208009" name="Outlet-2-PC" state="low alarm" value="0.0" />
		... и так далее

Layout of the panel

The layout of the control panel PDU with the possibility of measuring and switching on each outlet:

The panel should provide setting of properties of the module by means of the icon "pencil".

The panel should provide search or filter channels (lines) of the module by name, port and state of the parameter (element).

The panel must provide configuration for the parameters (elements) of the module. Parameters are the elements:

  • outlets - a switch class element, fast state control (on / off) is performed using the RadioBox in the "Switch" column, detailed control (name, status, etc.) is performed using the standard socket control form by clicking on the socket name in the column "Power socket"
  • current overload - an element with a discrete output, control (name, etc.) is performed using the standard control form of discrete element by clicking on the parameter name (or the cell of the table?) in the corresponding column;
  • elements with analog output: all the other, control (name, trigger levels, etc.) is performed using the standard form of controlling the analog element by clicking on the parameter name (or the cell of the table?) in the corresponding column;

The panel should provide:

  • reset control to "Off" state of the status of all outlets for the module ("Reset" button) and for all modules ("Reset All" button);
  • application of control of all outlets for the module ("Apply" button) and for all modules ("Apply All" button);
  • rapid full shutdown of all outlets of all modules with password protection (can be limited only by warning, without a password? otherwise, non-operative);

The panel should allow you to build graphs:

  • for mutual parameters of one module (voltage, frequency, total active power), the graph panel is called up by means of a button at the end of the general parameters line;
  • for the parameters of one channel in one module, with the necessary parameters in the line selected using RadioBox, calling the chart panel using the button at the end of the channel parameters
  • for several identical parameters of different channels of the same module, with the necessary parameters in the column selected using RadioBox, calling the chart panel is made using the button at the bottom of the column;