The GSM service is designed to control the monitoring system via SMS, to organize SMS dispatches and to send SMS notifications when logic schemes are activated.

GSM control is possible if there is a "gsm" permission in the profile of the user performing the request.

The following values ​​of the querytype field are used for management:

getgsm - get the parameters of the GSM modem:

<gsm pin="1111" status="registered, home network" signal="54%" operator="Aqua3" allowed="+65214567788 +32154897744" smsc="59537322611" >
		<sms id="2545109407" to="+65214567788" text="test message 1" status="failed" date="1563176384" />
		<sms id="3784153937" to="+98521141100" text="test message A" status="pending" date="1563176803" />
		<sms id="1598774555" to="+98521563322" text="test message 3" status="sent" date="1563177201" />

Description of the xml nodes:

setgsm - set GSM modem parameters, additional fields are:

send_sms_message - send SMS via GSM modem, message add to SMS queue, parameters:

clearsms - clear the SMS queue, parameters:

sendussd - send USSD request for check the balance state, not supported in LTE mode, parameters:

<ussd text="Account balance 55.6$. Some kind of advertisement here" />
<ussd text="Error parsing ussd answer" />
<ussd text="Request not supported in LTE mode" />