Сравнение версий


  • Эта строка добавлена.
  • Эта строка удалена.
  • Изменено форматирование.


  • Automatic migration settings;

  • Module indexes reorder;

  • ADC calibration added (analog sensor readings);

  • Long text SMS support, up to 512 symbols;

  • Date and macroses for notifications in group; 
  • Wrong display "Start Date", "End Date" in element "Timer";
  • Crash at element SNMPGet removing;
  • Date for latest event in logic schemes with "OR" statements;
  • Central Africa Time (CAT time);
  • other minor fixes;

Bugs killed:



For update to version 2.6.3, see Driver VT81xx / SC81xx / VT21xx / VT11xx drivers, installation sequence and possibilities

To find out which version you have, please see What is my driver version?