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Version 2.6.0-b1577 ( BETA )

Date of release: 26.03.2016

This version is designed to update the firmware of VT81xx / VT8xx  of Vutlan sro. SC81xx and SC21xx has full support, but take place changes in Relay-4 name and in brand name. 


  • new faster WebUI engine for http and https support;

  • user authorization was optimized;
  • corrected group notifications (Stabilizing SNMP Trap Service);;
  • working of logic schemes was optimized;

  • displaed last measured values for disconnected analog sensors;

  • logging for GSM modem service and support new USB modem models;
  • advance data settings fixed;
  • SNMPGet: 1 or 2c choice added;
  • automatic items sorting within each module added;

Bugs killed:

  • working with users database  was repaired and optimized;

  • graphs bug;
  • cams bug;
  • http upgrades bug;

Backup your current system settings before update to this version firmware to be able restore settings for possible downgrade later.

Updating the firmware consist of two files:


The kernel update needed only during the migration from version to version


The appliance has the possibility to update or to restore software. You can update software via HTTP, FTP or using USB flash drive. Installation instructions can be found here: EnglishRussian.

If firmware updating is not successful, please, reboot the unit.

For update latest 2.5.1 version to 2.6.0 not needed perform kernel updating before firmware update. However, for earlier versions may be required.

CAN modules  firmware update